Best Poster & Presentation Award

Best Poster Award

At the Third International Legume Society Conference (ILS3) 3 awards will be given for the best poster presentations of young researchers. All participants presenting posters and registered as Students and Phd students will be eligible to receive the award.

Posters will be evaluated by the experts from all conference fields (one representative per session) and consideration will be given to scientific relevance, contribution to the field, design and clarity of the presentation.

The sponsor, Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing, provides 3 sets of ‘Achieving sustainable cultivation of grain legumes’ Volume 1 & Volume 2 for each prize winner.

The winners: Ana Margarida Sampaio (Portugal) - 'How can grass pea overcome Fusarium wilt? Insights from a natural variation study',

Alanna Orsak (Canada) - 'Genome-wide association study for seed quality traits in chickpea'

Ferawati Ferawati (Sweden) - 'Effect of processing on the content of total dietary fiber, choline and folate in flours from Swedish grown legumes'

three ex aequo poster awards for students and Phd students, funded by Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing and the Mayor of Poznań.

Best Presentation Award

The Third International Legume Society Conference (ILS 3), Best Presentation Award honors the most inspiring submission presented by a highly professional speaker of the conference.

The author who gives the best presentation will win a prize of € 300 sponsored by the International Journal of Molecular Sciences (an Open Access Journal by MDPI,

The winner will be selected by the conference Scientific Committee. The presentation receiving the highest score from the committee and the Conference Chair will be awarded the prize.

The winners: Valentina Caracuta (France) - 'The origin and distribution of faba bean (Vicia faba)-new insight from the past.'

the best oral presentation award funded by the International Journal of Molecular Sciences.

Benjamin Péret (France) - 'Unravelling cluster root development in white lupin'

Meghan Couchoud (France) - 'How does pea (Pisum sativum) recover from water deficit?'

two presentation awards funded by the Mayor of Poznań.